We Need a Cruise...So We're Taking One



It was sunny in Atlanta today for the first time in what feels like several weeks. We've had enough cold, wet, miserable winter weather to make me yearn for someplace warm and sunny. Jenifer and I even went to a tropical-feeling restaurant last night called Bahama Breeze in a fruitless attempt to experience the vibe of the islands. While it was nice to be alone with Jen for a few hours, our escape didn't work. It was still cold and wet when we went outside. Boo.

While summer is still a good ways off, we are getting geared up for something later in the year that promises to satisfy a whole lot better than our date last night. We're going on a cruise!

But not just any cruise. It's The Marriage Boat, a six night Royal Caribbean cruise in late September that will sail to Bermuda from Baltimore. What's great is that it will have all the features of a traditional cruise along with a few special components to build your marriage. There will be plenty of "you" time to spend with your spouse, but also some additional times of directed coaching designed to give renew the spark in your marriage.

Jenifer and I have been invited to be a part of the teaching team and we can't be more excited. After all, it's a cruise! What's not to love?!

If you're interested in joining us, check out the links above. They have some great payment plans to spread the cost out over the next six or eight months, so it's pretty easy to pull off.

I truly wish I was standing over your shoulder as you read this. If I was, I would definitely be singing the Love Boat Theme Song in your ear right now. You can hear it, can't you?