This Seems True to Me...

More often than not, this picture reflects reality.


Moms are the "go-to" parent for most things. While dads have plenty to offer and can oftentimes provide the exact same help/information/resource that moms can, dads usually get a pass. Even as a 44 year old adult, I feel this every time I call home and my dad answers the phone. He's awesome in every way, but he is usually very quick to say, "Here's your mother." It's almost as if I have trained him to defer to her.

Because this imbalance is true in most homes, dads need to step in to offer their wives some empathy. They need to recognize that hearing "mom" called out hundreds of times a day can take its toll on a woman. Dads need to step in and intercept some of those "moms" and offer some help. They need to give their wives the freedom to lock themselves away every once in a while for some peace and quiet. They can even occasionally declare a "cease fire" on the word "mom" unless it is immediately followed by a word of blessing, as in: "Mom, you're awesome."

The moms of the world certainly deserve it.

Barrett JohnsonComment