INFO for Families is now on Pinterest

Big Announcement of the day: INFO for Families officially has a presence on Pinterest.

Before I explain, I want to give a disclaimer to all the guys out there: I'm not all interested in hanging out on Pinterest for hours at a stretch, clicking on cute shoes, hairstyle looks, and home decorating ideas. Do not revoke my man card. However, given the site's popularity, I thought it was worth using as a means to highlight posts from INFO for Families.

I learned the value of Pinterest earlier this week when I had Jenifer and one other friend pin a link to my post on why your teenagers should see The Great Gatsby. I was amazed that I got more traffic from Pinterest than just about anywhere else. Apparently, this thing is here to stay.


So I am biting the bullet and setting up on Pinterest. Jon Acuff does it, and he's very cool, smart, and funny.

Here's how you can help me:

First, please follow INFO on Pinterest. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. Here's the link: PINTEREST.COM/infoforfamilies. I am starting to populate a few boards with resources, but my main goal will be to link to posts from the blog on my INFO for Families board.

Second, if you read something you like and feel would be helpful to others, share it on one of your boards. I am trying hard to make sure my posts/pictures are "Pinterest-friendly." I'm still learning what that means, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

Finally, if you DO see me start to share things like my favorite zesty low-calorie guacamole recipes, I officially give all the men in my life permission to give me a thorough beat-down. A swirly and a wedgie might also be in order.   

Thanks for understanding.