Louis CK on Fatherhood - Good Words for Imperfect and Normal Dads

This brief video is an honest perspective of fatherhood from comedian Louis C.K. I am certain it will resonate with many dads, especially in light of Father's Day tomorrow. It's well worth the 2 minutes it will take you to watch it.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for one brief 4-letter word in his monologue. It's a word mentioned several times in the bible, so you've probably heard it before.

His observations are spot on. I particularly like how he confronts dads on two fronts:

1) Your self-focused life before kids wasn't that great.  Application: stop wasting energy thinking about your regrets. Instead, discover what a difference a dad can make.

2) You have incredible skills that you need to bring to bear in your fathering. Application: Stop seeing yourself as mom's assistant. Step up and lead your family.

I needed to hear this. You did, too. Because you have what it takes to impact the world through your marriage and family. We all do.

God help us. Literally.

Barrett JohnsonComment