What One Thing Would You Change About Your Body? (An Amazing Video)

Most people aren't happy with the way they look. They want to change things about their bodies, with more and more people looking to plastic surgery to "fix" what they feel is broken.

The power that our culture has over the way we view ourselves never ceases to amaze me. Most people look to the world (instead of their Creator) to define what is beautiful. As we interact with others who are equally dissatisfied with their looks, we become convinced that there is something wrong with us. That we don't measure up.

Women forget that this world has ten women who look like supermodels and three billion who don't. They forget the power of Photoshop and fail to remember that even those supermodels don't look like supermodels.

All of this begs an even bigger question: Why do children not typically struggle with body image issues? What happens along the way in our teen years that convinces us that we don't look good enough, thin enough, or pretty enough? Why do those insecurities often get worse in adulthood?

The Jubilee Project has created an amazing short video that illustrates perfectly the differences between how kids and adults view their bodies.

Watch it. Then ask God to show you if you have gotten out of balance in your desire to "look good." Most importantly, pray that God would help you affirm your kids and help them to be comfortable in their own bodies. Hopefully, our kids will not struggle with this in the same ways that we have.

Barrett JohnsonComment