Seinfeld on Parenting: "Bedtime is a Royal Coronation Jubilee Centennial"

If you saw any of the highlights of the first week of Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, you know he pulled out all the stops. He had A-list guests, amazing music, and a bunch of terrific sketches.

Jerry Seinfeld was on the couch on February 18 (the second episode) and I was intrigued that he chose to banter with Jimmy about parenting. Specifically, they discussed the fact that parents today are TOO committed. With typical Seinfeld observational wit and humor, he pointed out that "our parents didn't give a darn about us!" (Edited for a family blog.) He goes on to explain that while we put our kids to bed with a litany of brushing, flossing, stuffed animals and bedtime stories, our parents barely knew our names.

Here's the full conversation on Youtube. The good stuff is at about the 3:45 mark.  

The clip and it's implications were discussed for about six minutes on Hannity a few days after the show aired. It is an outstanding clip, with a few "experts" weighing in on the issues that Seinfeld introduced. Take six minutes out of your life and watch the video: Jerry Seinfeld on the Evolution of Parenting.

Q. So what do you think? Are parents trying to hard? Do we care too much?

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