A Powerful Testimony from a Former Abortion Provider

Jenifer posted this on Facebook this morning and I just had to share it.

Her words (and the attached video) come on the heels of our experience last night at the Georgia Right to Life Banquet. Read her comments and watch the brief clip from the talk we heard last night...

I got to hear Abby Johnson speak last night at the Georgia Right To Life Banquet.

It was her dream to run (and was on her way to running) the largest abortion clinic in the Western Hemisphere, in Houston, Texas off of the Gulf Freeway (which shocked me speechless). She shares in the video what happened to her that changed her mind.

If you are one of my friends and newlywed girls that for whatever reason have had an abortion, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT. I want to guard you, sweet sister. I want you to walk in the forgiveness, freedom and grace that God has so freely given you.

If you fall into the category of people that believe every baby is a gift from God and never an accident, please watch it. If you think that somehow it's not a real baby until 15 or 20 weeks, please watch it.

It is MY DREAM (and I will chase it every day God allows me) to coach parents through our non-profit, INFO for Families. I want our young people to receive help in navigating their sexuality. To know it is WONDERFUL and GREAT. To know it is the sweetest gift from God that they have. But our kids need help.

One of my Campbell High School teens (who is a young mom) told me, "Ms. Jen, I overheard my mother saying it took six months to get pregnant with me. So I thought I had six months to do whatever I wanted to sexually without getting pregnant." I can't make this kind of stuff up, people. Please help us help families. After coaching four teenagers through this chapter of life I know they just can't do it by themselves. They need help!!!!!

Our book, The Talks, gives parents the help they need to tackle these hard topics. Read it. Buy 20 like my friend Krisi did yesterday and hand them out. Let's work hard to make sure that our girls (and boys) never have to make the decision whether or not to abort a precious life!!


*Wise parents know they need to start laying the right foundation with their kids early on. Get your copy of The Talk(s): A Parent's Guide to Critical Conversations About Sex, Dating, and Other Unmentionables. This valuable resource has been developed to assist parents as they prepare their kids to navigate our hyper-sexualized culture. It is on sale at Amazon at a discounted price.

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