A Broken Veteran, Being Restored, and Now Helping Others

Jenifer takes the lead in this post....

I want to honor my favorite veteran and his wife, Pat and Lauren Cole.

The Coles are a young family we met in Atlanta. He served our country faithfully through several tours in the Middle East. He is very forthright about his struggle with PTSD and has taught me so much about it. Because of the way Christ helped him through PTSD, he has moved his family to Louisville, Kentucky to attend Southern Seminary and give his life to full time ministry and counseling to whomever God puts in his path. 

I saw this pic that Lauren posted yesterday of Pat and I felt kicked in the stomach. It was of his first time home, meeting his son Carter for the first time at this age. I can't even BEGIN to wrap my mind around a daddy not getting to be at the birth of his baby. We civilians take so much for granted.


As Pat and Lauren have transitioned to a season of ministry training, we need to pray for them (and others like them). Pat and his family have suffered greatly. Thankfully, they are in the process of being restored by the good news of Jesus. But instead of just savoring God's healing for themselves, they are committed to passing on the gospel to others with similar experiences. They know that Christ is the only answer for struggling people; including veterans with PTSD. We praise God for people like the Coles.

This Fall, Pat recorded a few videos that share some of the common struggles that our veterans experience; PTSD is a big part of it. These men and women suffer in ways that the rest of us cannot even begin to understand. I have included links below to two of his videos. They are each about six minutes long and SOOOOOOO worth your time. If you want to truly appreciate our veterans, watch these clips and then reach out to a veteran you know who could use our thanks and prayers.

Watch These Videos:

Pat Cole on Veterans and Christ's Sacrifice.

Pat Cole on The Realities of and Steps to Healing from PTSD.



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