A Video That Offers Hope for Every Imperfect and Normal Family

My oldest daughter's brother-in-law is an incredibly talented artist. He had some free time today so he created a brief video that combines art, music, and Scripture to communicate the hope we have in Jesus. It may be just the thing if you need some encouragement today.

This short video is for everyone.

If you feel hopeless.

If you are alone.

If you are addicted.

If your family life has gone off the tracks.

If you are fighting an illness.

If you are facing death.

If your life feels meaningless.

If you feel like the mistakes of your past will forever define who you are.

This short video is for you.

May you believe God when He says that you truly are a new creation. All things have become new.

If you can't see the video in the window above, click here to see it on YouTube. And do the right thing...share this with everyone.

Barrett JohnsonComment