How Every Parent Feels at the End of the School Year

Two years ago, Jen Hatmaker broke the internet with her amazing end-of-school year post called 
"Worst End of School Year Mom Ever." It's an amazing and funny post and you need to read it.

But just last night, Jenifer and I were in the middle of working through a number of end of school year tasks and we felt completely wiped out. Maybe you feel this way, too. All the end of year parties, graduations, award presentations, mandatory testings, teacher gifts, yearbook signings, school uniform sales, etc. have made for a crazy few weeks. It's all good and wonderful, but it's just incredibly overwhelming.

When I go back and read Hatmaker's post, I can certainly relate to her experiences. However, Jenifer and I were impressed that Hatmaker had the creative energy to even create something so brilliant. In contrast, we have nothing left mentally to pull something like that off. So instead of writing a lot of prose, I thought a few movie clips might capture what we have been feeling as the school year comes to a close.

Our expressions of emotion are a bit more "raw" than what Hatmaker articulated. Perhaps you can relate....

What you hear in your head when you realize that there are actually two weeks of school left, not just the one that you thought:

What you do in your closet every day in May once all your kids are on the bus:

How you react to your child when they remember to tell you that a major project is due the last week of school:

What goes through your mind that moment that you realize that you signed up to be in charge of the end of the year party way back in August:

As things are finally coming to an end and you wish you could express yourself as honestly and clearly as a sheep:

I hope you could relate to some of these raw feelings. May we all take hope that another glorious school year is almost over.