This One Thing Will Make You a Better Mom

Moms today have to be perfect.

At least that's what our world makes you think. The standards for excellence as you raise your kids are so high that you probably walk through life feeling terrible about yourself.

If you feed on the distorted reality of Facebook several times a day, you're probably convinced that every other mom is organized, prioritized, and energized. Their kids are perfect and they find motherhood to be a daily source of limitless bliss.

You, on the other hand, feel like a failure most days. You're not sure if your kids are going to make it through the day, much less into adulthood. The only thing you're convinced of is that your kids are going to need therapy to get through their twenties. And lots of it.

While you might need God to show you a few ways to be a more effective, the one thing you need to be a better mom is an attitude adjustment. You need to chill. You need to laugh.

You need to realize that God is with you and that He can work through you even on the ugly days.

I was invited to read an early manuscript of a book that helps moms do exactly that. Jordan Baker Watts' "Feel Free to Laugh" will make you a better mom, simply by reminding you that His grace is sufficient as you raise your kids.

While I could recommend numerous books that can help moms refocus and have greater trust in God, I have never found one that is so fun to read. Honestly. This book is laugh-out-loud funny. Jordan is painfully (and hilariously) honest about some of her worst parenting moments. You'll walk away encouraged as a mom, if only to realize that your embarrassing fiasco at a fast food restaurant wasn't as bad as you thought it was. (I promise, yours doesn't hold a candle to hers.)

You Should Order This Book Today

"Feel Free to Laugh" is releasing this week. And you should buy it RIGHT NOW. I rarely recommend books and resources because there are so few that stand out from all the others. And most of the time people buy books and then don't get around to reading them. This one is different.

You will start reading "Feel Free to Laugh" and you won't want to stop. You'll love every story Jordan tells and ever nugget of wisdom she shares. And you just might wet yourself from laughing. You will at least snort. Or chortle. Whatever that is. The bottom line is that you'll love it.

When you buy it (TODAY) you will want to share it with others. I strongly encourage you to do so. Most books released these days aren't marketed by big publishing houses. Authors count on word of mouth and social media buzz. So when you fall in love with Jordan's book or her blog (and you will), you should definitely take time to post about it on Facebook or whatever social media platform you use. Your mother was right: It's nice to share.

You can find "Feel Free to Laugh" on Amazon. I have made it easy for you to click the image below to go directly there. So get on it. Order this book and become a better mother. And if you don't become a better mother, you will learn to relax a bit knowing that God cares for your kids even more than you do. And that He's got this.

So relax. And when motherhood gets difficult and you don't know if you should laugh or cry, feel free to laugh. It's a much better choice.

Barrett JohnsonComment