This New Device Means Parents of Teens Can Finally Relax!

Most parents feel the burden of helping their teenagers make wise choices in a hyper-sexualized culture. We have to help them navigate their changing bodies, raging hormones, romantic relationships, the constant influence of social media, porn, and much more. 

It's a never-ending job and it can be exhausting. 

But things just got a little bit easier. Apparently, you can just stroll down to your local Christian bookstore and pick up the "Purity Ring 3000." Click on the link or watch the video below.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts.

While the Purity Ring 3000 is not real, many parents wish it was. They want an easy solution that will make their kids "behave." They want a switch they can throw that will protect their kids from explicit content. Sadly, these things don't exist.

Helping your kids to learn discernment takes time and effort. It helps to have their hearts. It also requires you to depend upon God for guidance and insight into what your kids are going through...what they are struggling with. It requires you to be available to them and to ask good questions and to really listen to their answers. 

Children and teenagers also need their parents to cast a vision of God's best for their romantic relationships and their marriages someday. Because they see so few examples of this in entertainment and modern culture, kids need someone to show them a better way. That job belongs to mom and dad. 

Just so you know, we wrote a book designed to help parents do this. The Talks has equipped thousands of parents just like you to help their kids with all these issues and more. It provides tons of help to get you and your kids talking about the real-life issues that they are facing every day. It's not as simple as a purity ring, but it's a lot more meaningful. (And it's on sale at AMAZON today.)

Barrett JohnsonComment