"How's Your Love Life?" (A VIDEO You Need to Watch)

The final session of the three-day marriage retreat was about to start. After teaching four breakout sessions, leading a vow-renewal service, and speaking from the platform the night before, Jenifer and I were exhausted.

But it was a satisfying exhaustion.

We had seen God do some incredible stuff. Marriages were being restored. Old wounds were being healed. Spouses who had built Trump-sized walls of resentment for pasts hurts were finally offering forgiveness.

As the 400 people settled into their seats, the lights dimmed down and a video started playing from the stage. We had no idea what we were about to see.

We were about to see a tear-jerker.

Given the fact that we had already witnessed some real-life examples of Christ-like love being offered for the first time in many marriages, the video was a beautiful conclusion. Based on I Corinthians 13, the 4-minute clip had Jenifer and me sobbing our eyes out in the back of the room.

Thankfully, the amazing Steve and Debbie Wilson were slated to teach from the platform a few minutes later. If it had been Jenifer and me, I don’t think we could have done it.

We thought the clip was too good not to share, so you can find it below. (If it doesn’t show up in your browser, you can link to it here.)

We suggest you have a few tissues handy.

If you don’t think about your spouse and get a little misty-eyed, you might want to see a cardiologist because it’s likely that you don’t have a heart.

After watching it, text or call your spouse and remind them just how much you love them. Then commit to LOVE them every day the way I Corinthians reminds us to.

Barrett JohnsonComment