A Millennial Proposal

This short video by the brilliantly funny John Crist captures exactly what is wrong with the first generation to be raised on social media. 

If you are 35 or older, you probably don't have pictures or video of your proposal. And that is okay. You have memories and feelings and they are exclusively yours. Nobody else had any reason to experience them but you.  

But that's crazy talk to the millennial generation. In their minds, if nobody sees it, likes it, or comments on it, then it doesn't mean anything. Every experience is validated by the affirmations of other people. 

And no, I'm not kicking into "curmudgeon" mode. Our social media world is training me to do the exact same thing. But I don't like it. I would much rather live in the moment and savor my past experiences the old fashioned way: with the idealistic view of my slowly deteriorating memory.

At least then I can suppress the fact that I had what was perhaps the least romantic proposal to my wife in the history of proposals. But I can choose to remember it as a beautiful and touching moment where I was the most awesome guy ever. There are no pictures or video to suggest otherwise. 

Let's learn to live in the moment and care a lot less about who acknowledges our lives online.

I know...easier said than done.  

But you can train your kids to think differently!

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Barrett JohnsonComment