13 Reasons Why Your Teens Probably Shouldn't Watch 13 Reasons Why

Netflix is quickly becoming the go-to place for buzz-worthy entertainment. Some of their original series have become the "must see TV" of our day. 

Millions of people have gathered at their water-coolers to discuss House of Cards, Making a Murderer and Stranger Things. As of March 31, people are talking the most about 13 Reasons Why.

If you haven't heard about it yet, you will. If you have teenagers, they probably already know about it. If they spend any time on Netflix, they have probably already watched it. Parents can't afford to be uniformed about this one. 

Many experts are saying that this show targeted at teenagers probably shouldn't be watched by teenagers.

Told over 13 episodes, the show revolves around a depressed and bullied girl's suicide. Before taking her life, she documents the reasons for her suicide on a collection of cassette tapes that are circulated among her peers. 

Entertainment critics are falling over themselves at how great the show is. That gives it buzz. However, many mental healthcare professionals are expressing their concerns with how it portrays suicide.

Instead of writing a full-length post about what my concerns are, I thought I would push readers towards some experts who give their thoughts on why they think 13 Reasons is dangerous. Click on any of the reports and articles below you think might be helpful to you. 

And if your kids want to watch it, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to watch it with your kids. Don't let them go it alone.

13 Reasons Why Your Teens Probably Shouldn't Watch 13 Reasons Why

1. It is content “for mature audiences only” but is targeted at middle schoolers.


2. It gets suicide “wrong.”


3. It glorifies and romanticizes suicide.


4. When a young teenager is exposed to a suicide narrative, it increases his or her suicidal thoughts by up to 5 times.


5. The mental health organization “To Write Love on Her Arms” encourages those who are depressed, who self-harm, or who have any suicidal thoughts to NOT watch it.


6. It depicts (in detail) a human being taking her own life.


7. It encourages a type of “suicide revenge fantasy.” Some research shows that when many teens attempt suicide, it is an attempt to “stick it” to others. This show dramatizes that.


8. It glorifies what NOT to do. But it doesn’t offer any solutions of what we should do to help people who are struggling.


9. It suggests that you gain power through suicide. And that’s incredibly dangerous.


10. It depicts some graphic rape scenes.


11. It offers the wrong solution to common teen struggles.


12. It minimizes the reasons that people resort to suicide.


13. Studies have shown that depictions of suicide encourage others to do likewise. Copycat suicides are very real.


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