Introducing "Guy's Night Out"

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We live in a world saturated with sexual content. Ever since Hugh Hefner normalized p@rn, each new generation of young men has had to navigate a culture that gives them an unhealthy view of sex. 

In the past five years, the stakes have grown exponentially higher now that most teen guys carry a high-tech p@rn-delivery system in their pockets. An entire generation is learning about sex from from the wrong place. And they are learning all the wrong stuff.

Watching p@rn to learn about sex is sort of like playing Nintendo Mario Kart to learn how to drive. It's so far removed from reality that it's not even helpful. 

Fathers have a moral and spiritual obligation to do everything they can to help their sons make wise choices. And thankfully, we now live in a #metoo and #nomore world. Our culture has (rightly) developed a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior from men. Like never before, one lapse of judgment can destroy the lives of both a victim and an aggressor. 

Dads know they need to help their sons become the right kinds of men, but our experience is that most guys don't know how. Our book, The Young Man's Guide to Awesomeness, has proven to be a helpful tool for thousands. We have heard countless stories of young men finally "getting it." They are talking with the men in their lives about what it means to operate with sexual and moral integrity. 

Now, in our attempt to help dads and their teenage sons talking, INFO for Families is taking it one step further.

Guy's Night Out is a one-night event we have created for fathers and sons. 

Teenage guys need a safe place to talk about what it means to become men of character and faith. They need guidance to avoid making some of the foolish decisions they see many of their peers (and men in the public eye) making. They need specific direction on how to maintain sexual purity, interact with girls, and seek a life of meaning. Most importantly, they need to find their place in God's big story.

Guy's Night Out is an interactive 90-minute event for fathers and their sons aged 13-21. Using creative communication, video clips, and guided discussion, fathers (and other men of influence) will have the chance to initiate critical conversations about some of the issues that can be difficult for many men to talk about. We will get the conversation started so that these important "talks" become a normal part of the father/son relationship. 

Guy's Night Out is perfect for church groups, Scout troops, sports teams, or any place there are teenage guys who need direction from the men in their lives. If you have questions or want to inquire about booking, click here

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