Do You Know Someone Who Is Thinking About Getting Married?

Do you know a young adult who is dating seriously and is beginning to process through that big question: “Is this person THE ONE?”

My friend Scott Kedersha has written a book designed to give couples the best possible head-start as they start moving towards engagement and marriage. As the director of marriage ministry at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Scott has helped over 5,000 engaged couples plan for marriage. And he’s learned a few things along the way.

The sad reality is that divorce is a real possibility for even the most well-intentioned couples. Believing that with every big problem comes an even greater opportunity, Kedersha helps couples wrestle through the critical conversations they need to have and the questions they need to answer before marriage in Ready or Knot? 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have Before Marriage.


Ready or Knot? is a compilation of essential lessons and real-life stories of more than 5,000 premarried couples that gives readers reason to ponder, blush, cry, laugh, and most importantly, learn.

The book’s simple—yet not simplistic—voice cuts through societal noise and premarital pressures and offers couples what they’ve been missing in Christian books on marriage until now:

▪ questions intended for individual reflection

▪ discussions designed to help determine marital readiness

▪ prayers that help couples pursue God, his wisdom, and each other

▪ knot-tying tips in dealing with differences and difficult family dynamics

▪ practical, biblically based principles on love, marriage, and relationships

▪ stories of married couples that are personable, relatable, and relevant

With a transparency and authenticity rarely seen in print, Kedersha puts his prayer, passion, and over ten years in the trenches of full-time marriage ministry to paper as he helps those preparing to say ‘I do’ take a step toward the altar, ready to tie the knot with the cord of three strands that cannot be broken—and experience the gift God designed marriage to be.

Ready or Knot just released and is now available at Amazon. Give it as a gift to that young adult you love who wants to be intentional in preparing for the best marriage possible!

Barrett JohnsonComment