Family Devotion Idea: David and Goliath

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Teaching Goal:

The story of David teaches us that God can protect us against big challenges.



I Samuel 17 – David and Goliath



Tape measure

Masking tape

3” x 3” piece of cloth

2 pieces of string 3’ each

Small ball or wad of paper


Lesson and Discussion:

*Words that are written in bold are when you, the parent, are speaking.  Feel free to use your own words.


Read the story of David and Goliath and tell it in your own words.  Include how David was a shepherd boy and Goliath was a big man nine feet tall.  David had a sling and five stones as his weapon.  Goliath had a sword, spear, and shield.  Goliath did not believe in God.  David believed that God would protect him and give him the victory.




Let’s measure how big Goliath was compared to how big you are.  You can measure Goliath’s height on a tree, the side of a house, or on the ground.  Use the masking tape to mark nine feet.  Be careful not to damage the tree or house when marking Goliath’s height.  Then measure the height of the children compared to Goliath.


Let’s make a sling using a piece of cloth and two pieces of string.  Cut a square piece of cloth approximately three inches by three inches.  Poke a hole in each of the four corners.  On one side of the square, thread a three-foot piece of string down through the bottom hole and up through the top hole.  Pull the string through until the two ends meet.  Repeat the process by threading a second three-foot piece of string down through the remaining bottom hole and up through the remaining top hole.


Practice!  Use something soft like a small ball or a wadded-up piece of paper.  Wrap two of the strings around your finger and hold the other two strings loosely between your fingers as you swing the sling around in a circle.  When you let go, point your hand at the target and release the two loose strings.


You will learn how hard it is to use a sling.  It is not easy to use a sling.  But God had been preparing David for years to battle Goliath.  David was a shepherd boy who spent hours looking after sheep.  He must have practiced using a sling over and over again until he was good enough to scare off wolves, bears, and lions that would attack the sheep.  Are you doing anything in your life over and over again that God might use in the future?  Listen to answers.


Act out the story of David and Goliath.  The adult can play the role of Goliath and the child play the role of David.  Use an empty sling and a “pretend” stone.


Goliath:  Who will come out and fight me?


David:  I will.


Goliath:  But you are just a small boy!  I have this big spear and shield.  What do you have?


David:  I have a sling, five stones, and the one true God is on my side.


Goliath:  I do not know this God of yours.  I will crush you, then crush all of Israel.

David:  [Swing the sling and let go as Goliath approaches.]


Goliath:  [Raise your arm like you’re holding a sword as you approach David.  When he lets go of the sling, act like a rock hit you on the head and fall down.]


David:  [Walk up to Goliath lying on the ground and say], “My God has protected me!”



Just because you are small doesn’t mean that you are weak.  Goliath was a bully and he seemed strong on the outside.  He was picking on David and the other Israelites.  God wanted to teach David a valuable lesson that real strength is on the inside.  David had God on his side and that is stronger than anything.


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