When it Comes to Kids' Music Choices, Parents Must Keep Their Heads in the Game

There's a new CD by Ashely Tisdale that's climbing the Billboard chart. As one of the squeaky-clean stars in the Disney Channel universe, it's no doubt that preteen girls are buying up this release by the cartload. 

TisdaleBut while it would be easy as a parent to kick into auto-pilot and assume that this sweet, young lady who cut her entertainment teeth in the world of Mickey Mouse would be perfect music for their kids. You could think that, but you'd be wrong. I encourage you to look a little bit closer.

Plugged-In, a ministry of Focus on the Family, does a great job of analyzing the content and worldview of many of the artists, movies, and TV shows that are attracting our kids.  For the parent who wants to stay in touch without having to slug through their child's entire iPod library, it can be a great place to start.

Specifically, they have an excellent review of Tisdale's new CD, aptly titled "Guilty Pleasure." You can find it here.  It's quite shocking, especially based upon the music's target audience. (To explore other music and entertainment releases, the site is linked over on the left-hand column of this blog.)

One more thing...if you discover your child has an interest in music or a movie that you feel is not appropriate for him or her, DO NOT kick into book-burning mode. Instead, talk about it with your kids. While you may need to make the call for them about what they are allowed to listen to or watch, it's your responsibility to help them to learn to make wise choices on their own. You can only make choices for them for so long, so you might as well help them to start doing it now. That's the mark of a wise parent.

Be wise....