The Love Dare Journal - Online

Love dareThe guys who made the Fireproof movie a few years ago have also created a great online journal designed to help people to restore their troubled marriages. If you or someone you know desires to see significant change in your relationship, it will require taking some sigificant steps. Even if your spouse is not willing to do their part, the Love Dare Journal gives clear direction for what you can do to change things.

You can find the site here or you can click on the link to the left in the "Helpful Links for Families" section. It might make a great new year's resolution for someone you know who is struggling at home. It takes a 40 day commitment to do some pretty hard and very sacrificial things. But my thinking is that you can do ANYTHING for 40 days.

Give it a try! God might just show up and prove that He is true to His word and faithful to those who trust in Him, in spite of the pain.