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Don't Marry...Be Happy

I put a new spin on the title of Bobby McFerrin's hit song from the 80's to get you to read this. (If that catchy tune is now stuck in your head, I sincerely apologize.) But now that I have your attention, I wanted to make a point of real substance. Here goes...

Do not depend on your spouse to make you happy.

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30 Great Conversation Starters for Your Marriage

Imperfect and Normal Families like yours and mine want to have meaningful conversations, but they don't always come easy. A husband or wife can often get so busy that he or she fails to engage in life-giving conversation with his or her spouse. The result is that we get disconnected and end up passing like "two ships in the night." And that's not good for anybody.

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Is Divorce in the Church the Same as the General Population? Not Really.

It has become common practice for people to quote the stat that the divorce rate for Christians is the same as the general population in America. I have said this many times over the years. The primary source for this was research by the well-respected Barna Group. Unfortunately, the criteria they used to identify Christians in their 2004 study was simply to ask people to self-identify with a religious preference. They found that those with no religious affiliation had a 35% divorce rate. Those who identified themselves as "born again Christians" also had a 35% divorce rate. And thus, we arrive at the much-hyped stat. But here's the problem some of us have with the statistic...

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