Father's Day Gift-Giving Ideas

Star-wars-happy-fathers-day Do you (or your kids) need some good Father's Day gift giving ideas? One option is to simply give to him at the same level that he organized the kids to give to you on Mother's Day. That might free you up from doing much of anything at all.

But if you want to do something nice for Dad, here are a few suggestions...

The National Fatherhood Initiative has posted a few good ideas for gift-giving for dad. You can check out their post right here.

Some very frugal gift ideas come from the folks at Mommy Savers.

If you're not currently boycotting Disney (and since the Southern Baptist Convention is hosting their annual meeting in Orlando next week, I guess it's okay), then the Disney Family Fun people have some good ideas for Dad.

I buy most of my Christian books and stuff at ChristianBook.com and they have posted some great gift-giving ideas on their site. Point Manby Steve Farrar is one book that every man needs to read.

If all else fails, buy him an ugly tie, a "soap on a rope" or a t-shirt that says something like "World's Greatest Dad." We love that stuff.