Do "Facebook Kids" Do Better Off Socially?

Art_facebook_screen_cnn Do you worry that your Facebooking, Texting, Always-Connected-Online Teenager is missing out on the chance to develop social skills? You're not alone. Most Normal and Imperfect Parents like us struggle with this question.

But while we would assume that these communication tools will ruin their ability to interact, some research is showing that the opposite is true.

Middle School Minister extraordinare Chris Trent brought my attention to the following article on the Fuller Youth Institute site. (Chris is supposed to be on sabbatical, but we'll let this minor infraction slide. His technological "spider sense" is always tingling.)

I encourage you to read deep into the article, noting the insights of Shane Hipps on the issue being not just the medium but the nature of the message.

New Spins on Social Media Research