Man Jailed for Facebook "Friend Request"

Be careful who you "friend request" on Facebook.

Most people are okay.

With some high school friends, you should really think about it. 

Old girlfriends/boyfriends, I would stay away from.

Manjailed_397x224_o But soon-to-be ex-wives who have a restraining order against you: my advice is that you don't friend request them. Lest you end up in jail.

A man in central Florida did just that and is now behind bars. You can read the story here. I don't mean to judge, but, based on his picture alone, I don't think he's too bright. He obviously didn't think this one through.

What is most interesting, though, is that contact via Facebook is now being deemed by the court as something that violates someone's personal space. Given what I have seen in many of the relationships I am observing up close, a person's Facebook profile is personal space, indeed. But some of us have not realized that yet.

I am amazed at how much people air the dirty laundry of their personal lives on Facebook: the fight they had with their spouse, for example.

Or they post some vague update that loudly begs people to ask questions. Something like: "I can't believe he said that!" If we don't ask questions, we only assume the worst.

Perhaps the most troubling foolish use of Facebook is when someone changes their marital status from "married" to "it's complicated." Couples in strife need to seek help from God, who offers direction for rebuilding bad relationships. And they need to seek responsible, mature people who can walk them through troubled times. But broad statements on Facebook that stir the pot without looking for help is a sign of foolishness.

Fbaym-3d-book-mockup Couples who have found Facebook to be a source of tension in their marriage may need to get some help. And you need to know you are not alone. In the past few months, I have encountered couples dealing with old flames, arguing about time spent on Facebook, even fighting about things like Farmville. This is an issue that cannot be ignored.

My friends Jason and Kelli Krafsky have written a book called Facebook and Your Marriage. It is an easy, fun read that addresses practical guidelines for making Facebook a source of joy in your marriage, not something to fight about. If this is an issue for you, then start by ordering the book. Then read and discuss it together.

You can order the book at the Facebook and Your Marriage website.