The World is Full of Boys Who Can Shave

Boyshave What are we doing to help our boys become men? If we are counting on the culture to set the pace for them, we will be disappointed. The new prolonged adolescence found in our world encourages men to stay boys into their mid to late twenties. The underlying message is clear:

Don't commit. Don't be responsible. Don't grow up. Video games are awesome. Pornography is an adequate substitute for a sacrificial relationship with a real woman.

And as long as we don't expect them to grow up, be assured that they won't.

Mark Driscoll addresses this issue on his blog today. As you read it, don't just think of the twenty-something men you know. Think of the boys in your home. Then ask yourself this question: "What am I doing to help them to think differently than this?"

Read the blog post here.