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Let Your Boys Be Boys

From Jenifer: "When Landon was little I nearly shut down the "Wild at Heart" outdoorsy call God had on him. I had Lindsey first so the two of us girls just sort of set a pattern of wanting to tell Landon not to get dirty, to not wiggle so much, to do things our way. I truly didn't REALLY understand and appreciate the differences between  little girls and boys."

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Are We Hurting Our Kids By Giving Too Many Choices?

I hate getting drive thru food with my entire family. Hate. It. With a newly married daughter and our other teenage kids going in different directions, it is truly a rare occurrence that there are six or seven of us in the drive thru at the same time. But it still happens on occasion, particularly on road trips. And there I find myself, talking to the guy on the other side of the speaker at Taco Bell or Sonic, trying to get everyone's order right. And it's always miserable.

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