The Church is Waking Up to This...

There are numerous indicators across the body of Christ that we are finally waking up to an obvious calling of God; a calling that we have, for the most part, ignored up to this point.

The church is realizing that it is our responsibility to care for orphans. 

Foster Individuals, entire churches, and large ministries are mobilizing to address the need in our nation and around the world. We can no longer see adoption as something just for couples who cannot have children biologically. It is something that each of us should consider.

Why? Because it models what God has done for us. And we are called to care for the fatherless. And the need is great.

Even the world is taking notice. Read this article from today's Wall Street Journal. Our evangelistic passion rarely makes the world think that our faith is life-changing. But when the church starts sacrificially taking in children who need home and family, the world will notice. And our God will be glorified.

And isn't that the point? 

I'm thrilled beyond measure that my pastor Bryant Wright will be addressing this issue (as well as the call to care for widows) at Johnson Ferry on Sunday, October 3rd. Don't miss it.