How Much Did Your Kid Cost?

I'm not sure how many opportunities I will get to blog something this week, but I'm committed to making sure each of my posts address the issue of adoption.

Adoption-etiquette Why? Because I'm celebrating the fact that I am blessed with a Senior Pastor at Johnson Ferry who is addressing this issue next Sunday morning in worship. Bryant is preaching through the book of James and he is focusing on James 1:27 this weekend...via video from Botswana, of all places. The entire service is going to address how the church must respond to the needs of widows and orphans in our world. I'm excited to no end.

So today, the question of "How much did your kid cost?" comes up.

I'm going to send you to the blog of a single dad who reflects on the adoption of his son. (For our purposes here, I'm not going to address the issue of single parents and the unique challenges they face. I just think the writer had some excellent things to say.)

He writes about his adopted son and some of the stupid things that people say to him. So read on...and consider the foolish things you may have said to an adoptive parent. And if you have adopted, I'd be curious to hear some of the dumb things people have said to you.

And in the future, commit to recognizing adoptive families as the superheroes that they are. And support them as they reflect beautifully the glory of our creator.

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