Five Things Your Wife Needs to Hear From You

Jenifer and I taught our Marriage Prep workshop this past weekend. We absolutely love pouring good truth into these young, teachable couples. There truly is a sense that we are strengthening these marriages and homes at a foundational level. We have very high hopes for them all.

But as much as we enjoy the part that we pour into them, we have also realized that teaching Marriage Prep is great for us. Every time we go through the material, we are reminded of some of the basic things that we must consistently give attention to in our own marriage. And it happened this weekend.

Do you remember studying the Law of Entropy in high school science? It's the one that implies that the tendency of all things is to move from order to disorder. While this is true in the universe, it's also true in your home. Your kitchen is a great example. If you don't work to keep it clean, it will get messy.

And it's true in our marriage. If we fail to work at keeping it healthy, the natural tendency is for it to move to disorder. Here's what I'm talking about...

*If we don't regularly verbally appreciate one another, we kick into "take each other for granted" mode.

*If we aren't intentional about carving out time for regular date nights, we can become simply roomates.

*If we fail to pray for one another, the enemy can drive a spiritual wedge between us, where we feel like we are facing our spiritual challenges alone.

*If we don't have purposeful and meaningful conversations about what we are going through, feeling, facing, and struggling with, our interaction can easily become just about the family schedule.

*If we don't love each other well (based on how we are uniquely wired), the joy and the spark can quickly go out.

All of these things are a form of entropy. Order to disorder. Joy to turmoil. Peace to conflict. As I was reminding a bunch of soon-to-be-married guys at Marriage Prep about how to avoid these traps, I found myself lecturing Barrett. I needed to hear all of those things.

There's a great blog post I found on five things your wife needs to hear from you. It is a simple reminder of what a guy can to avoid marital entropy. Men, you need to read it. And ladies, you are welcome to print it off and give it to your man.

Five Things...