What is Marriage Good For?

A friend passed along a troubling article from Time Magazine on the American people's opinions and tendencies as it relates to marriage. In What Is Marriage Good For, Horacio Salinas gives some very alarming statistics. It's apparent that the folks at The Pew Research Center have done their homework.

I'm still processing all the data and I look forward to studying the article a little more. But I thought I would forward it on to you good people so you could being chewing on it, as well.

In the meantime, know that, in response to the questions his article asks (What is marriage good for?), God makes it clear that marriage is good for lots of things. But that assumes that our lives are being lived within the context of a Christ-focused agenda. If all you want out of life (and marriage) is a better career, a means for sexual gratification, and a cure for chronic loneliness, then our world offers some much easier ways to reach your goals than the often challenging option of a life-long, selfless commitment.

But I think it's very much worth it.