You Can Vote to Decide If a Pregnant Couple Should Keep or Abort Their Baby

In probably the most unsettling development in the Right to Life debate comes a new blog created by a pregnant couple. They are encouraging people to visit their site and vote on whether they should keep or abort their baby. You can find it at

16_wk_us-300x214 There are just a few more weeks of voting, as they are fast approaching the last day that they can legally abort in their state.

Based on what I read on the site, my guess is that the parents a pro-life couple who have no intention of aborting their child. They have simply created the site to get a powerful discussion going about this simple reality: in our democracy, we have voted to legally permit the taking of a life. While voting on one life seems morbid and cruel, our culture has no problem voting to permit the millions of abortions that have legally occurred in the past 40 years. 

I would encourage you to visit the site, if only to read the variety of comments that people have made. It is proving to be quite the discussion board. Be forewarned: many of the comments have a "take lots of sunscreen on your way to hell" vibe. I think you would agree that if this couple is seriously going to let the vote decide the life of their baby, then the venom of comments like this seems merited. (At present, the poll is leaning towards "life" by a 4 to 1 margin.) 

More importantly, take some time today to value the life of each of your children. As challenging and difficult as they can be at times, you know that they are gifts from God to you. Ask Him to give you a renewed sense of wonder at their unique temperament and stage of life. Then praise and affirm them for who they are and how God has made them.

If you are "pro-life" during pregnancy, be sure you act "pro-life" to your kids every day.