Facebook and Your Marriage: Just Don't Be An "Idiot"

We instinctively know the most common causes for divorce. For example, a lack of communication, infidelity, and money issues are often cited as reasons to dissolve a marriage. But more an more counselors and divorce attorneys are seeing "Facebook" mentioned as a significant contributor to the marriages in crisis they encounter.

Facebook I have mentioned before on INFO for Families that my friend Jason Krafsky wrote excellent book on the subject called Facebook and Your Marriage. If Facebook is a big part of your life, then you ought to consider getting the book. It just might encourage you to set some healthy parameters on your social networking.

I even told you about a man who was arrested for a Facebook friend request to his ex-wife. Some things are just too hard to believe...but this one is true.

Now I want to forward you to an excellent article by Rhett Smith. He has put together a very thorough article on just how significant a player Facebook can be in your life; and how this powerful technology can affect you without you even knowing it.

He does not demonize Facebook. Like most of you, he really enjoys it as a powerful tool for life, work, and ministry. But he does provide some great insights and links to other articles that all of us will benefit from.

Please take some time today to read his article on Your Marriage and Facebook: Just Don't Be An "Idiot."