"Tangled" is Great for Family Fun (and Discussion)

Tangled-disney The holiday movie season is upon us and Disney's "Tangled" is the first movie to make a significant splash for families. A few of my kids saw it over Thanksgiving and gave it high marks for purely for it's fun entertainment value.

Beyond that, it has a few great lessons that can be discussed with older kids. In particular, the movie effectively zooms in on the issue of the power over good vs. evil. In a world that tends to tells us that the evil around us is always suppressing the good, there is encouragement to know that this simply is not true. "Tangled" has clear characters and circumstances that make that clear to the viewer.

Check out this great review by Christianity Today on some of themes that you can look for in the movie. Then enjoy the film for the fun escape that it is, but be prepared for some great discussions on the way home from the theater.