The Correlation Between Childhood Church Involvement and Faith in Adulthood

Why keep your kids involved in the community of faith? Because church attendance during childhood is strongly correlated with a vibrant faith in adulthood. So says the Barna research organization.

Church trend expert Ed Stetzer highlights some of the key findings in his blog post: Childhood Experience Bearing Adult Fruit.

I still content that a parent's daily faith influence is far more powerful than the influence of a Sunday morning spent at church. But we cannot deny that clear faith foundations are laid when children are used to being in regular worship and Bible study with other Christians.

So how is church attendance built into your family schedule? Do your children know that regular worship is a priority, or do they see it as something that always gets the back burner when other opportunities arise? Do your kids get to see you modeling worship for them? What sort of faith foundation are you laying for your kids? Is it weak or strong?

According to the research from Barna, kids who don't make connecting with God and his body a priority in childhood are far less likely to make Him a part of their lives as adults.