50 Ideas to Inspire Your Husband

Perhaps you enjoy processing through incredibly deep articles about the human condition. Perhaps you enjoy the possibility of considering the ramifications of a new philosophical approaches to marriage and family life.

Perhaps you are reading the wrong blog.

Here at INFO, we want to base everything on foundational biblical principles...which will often require some thoughtful and prayerful consideration. But we are rarely very deep. We're more on the practical side. We want to make you think, but we also want to help you act.

So that's why I like simple challenges that you can put to work right away. I enjoyed posting Family Life's 50 Things You Can Say to Make Your Child Feel Great about a month ago. Hopefully, you acted on them immediately.

Today, I'm giving you a link to Family Life's blog where Janel Breitenstein once again gives us a handy list. While many of you know there are 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, most of you have never considered that there are over 50 Ideas to Inspire Your Husband.

I love this stuff because it is practical, intentional and easy. Don't let another hour go by where you don't give one of these a shot. And if you are a guy reading this, just pick one of the 50 ideas and give it a twist that would bless your wife.

Get to it...