How to Raise A Jerk

The world is full of jerks.

You know the person I'm talking about. Everybody knows at least one. I could give you a detailed description of a self-centered, mean-spirited person who feels like the world owes him something, but I don't have to. Your mind has already pulled up the face a jerk at your place of employ. Or at your church. Or on your son's baseball team. Every group has one. (And I hate to break it to you, but If you can't identify the jerk in your circle of influence, it's highly likely that you are him. Sorry.)

But how does a jerk become a jerk? After many years of scientific research and study, I have determined the answer can be found by looking at the Orange Parents website. Who wants to waste a bunch of time doing research when you can find something on Twitter?

Reggie Joiner has written a great little post that offers all the necessary keys to raising a jerk in your very own home! You can read it at the following link. Enjoy!

How to Raise a Jerk