Creative Mother's Day Ideas

As guys, we can always use a little help in the creative gifts department. Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and the folks at have a great list of some creative ways to honor your mother and your wife this year. Check out their list and bless the mothers in your life this year!

Ten Way to Honor Mom on Mother's Day

1. Make a one-of-a-kind booklet for Mom, filled with family photos and hand-written notes. Or, shoot a video capturing how much you appreciate Mom. You might want to film the children in various areas of the house, thanking Mom for the impact she has on their lives in particular rooms. You could also record some original songs or even a family skit. (Contributed by Aileen Ostendorff)

2. Make a recipe book for Mom. Kids can put one together, even if they are very young and don't know the real recipes. "Anything from my kids like that touched me because you could tell they were so proud because they had made it themselves." (Contributed by Sharon Hill) Adults or older children may want to add some special things to Mom's recipe book such as her favorite sayings, Scriptures, tales from Mom's childhood, copies of her handwritten recipes, some family history, etc. (Contributed by Fran Taylor)

3. After creating a restaurant atmosphere somewhere in the house, children of any age can cook a meal for Mom and serve it to her. "When my kids did this it taught them to give to someone else and also gave them a cooking lesson!" (Contributed by Arlene Kirk)

4. Give Mom the gift of time—a day to go antiquing, have lunch, or enjoy dessert and coffee later in the day. Reminisce about how she has contributed to your life. Younger kids in the home could give Mom a day at the spa while they clean the house. (Contributed by Betty Rogers)

5. Make a corsage or arrangement made of silk flowers that are similar to the ones that were in her bridal bouquet. (Contributed by Vickie Burnett)

6. Remember Mom with roses or a rose bush. "I try to send Mom yellow roses because that's her favorite flower." (Contributed by Mari Peters)

7. Write a poem or heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation to Mom. You may want to thank her for her Christian example. A nice touch would be framing the poem/letter with a picture of her holding you as newborn. Dennis Rainey's book The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Parents gives step-by-step ideas for writing tributes. (Contributed by Mary Carol Pederson)

8. Make ceramic impressions or plaster imprints of the kids' hands. "Although our boys are now grown, I can still touch the shape of each finger and thumb. As wonderful as pictures are, they can't replace those little hands." (Contributed by Fran Taylor)

9. Give a gift that involves creativity, such as needlework or a craft. "My mother still displays things I made for her 30 years ago as a college student, so I think she liked them!" (Contributed by Carol Scarborough)

10. Host a tea party. "My daughters invited 10 of my close friends to high tea at a local hotel. It was elegant. I felt esteemed. I felt like a little girl who was playing tea party once again." (Contributed by Betty Rogers)