Knock Knock. Who's There? A Father Wound.

I ran across a powerful video from poet Daniel Beaty. I don't usually get excited about performance art like this, but it's well worth the two and half minutes you'll spend on it. In the reciting of his poem "Knock Knock," he articulates the father wound he experienced and his response to it in adulthood.

While the disappointment you might have with your father might not be as significant as his, you can certainly relate to the regret that in some ways, your parents let you down. More importantly, it will cause you to reflect on your own parenting. 

The challenge for us is to do all we can to let God lead us to be the parents that our kids desperately need. Only He can be the perfect Father, but we must strive to emulate Him. For the parents that we are will, in many ways, be the picture that our kids develop of God.

Knock knock....Who's there?



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