An Excellent Advent Guide for Families

Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is just around the corner. Sadly, with Black Friday marking the official beginning of the Christmas season, it is easy for even the most spiritual of us to get caught up in the commercialism of it all.

AdventImperfect and Normal Families like ours must be very diligent to keep our hearts turned toward Christ during these days. If not, we run a huge risk of losing sight of the significance of His birth to our lives and to our world.

One way to keep both parents and kids focused upon our Savior is to utilize an Advent calendar of devotions and family worship times. The Village Church outside of Dallas, Texas (regularly podcast at the Johnson house) has produced an excellent Advent resource. For each of the five weeks leading up to Christmas, the guide contains a devotion for families AND a personal study guide that can be used by adults and teens. They also include an appendix with some great ideas for families with younger children.

You can find the document here: Download Advent-guide.

We pray that your family would draw closer to Christ and to one another as you work through these Advent worship times together. And we hope that your Christmas is filled with the hope and joy that can only come from the knowledge that our Redeemer has come into the world...and that He changes everything.