Fun Friday - For Imperfect and Normal Dads

Let's face it dads, we're under a lot of pressure. We have to work hard, provide for our families, love our wives with passion, lead our children to maturity, and constantly re-focus our minds on things that really matter in life.

But then something breaks at home and we feel the additional pressure of being "Mr. Fix-It." For some guys out there, this excites you. Somehow, you developed all the skills necessary to repair all the broken things in your house. For most guys, however, fixing things around the house can leave you out of your element. It scares you because there is a very high likelihood that the situation will reveal your shortcomings in an area that you feel you should be confident.

If that's you, then this highly technical flow-chart just might be the solution to all your handy-man issues. It's simple to use and requires only a few key "tools" that can be easily acquired at your local home improvement store.

For me, it was a great encouragement. I printed out a large copy and hung it in my garage so I can refer to it the next time something breaks at my house.

Duct tape