Maybe Your Child Shouldn't Go to College

Colleges-wagner-college-campus-ivy-main-hall-guidejpg-6170af3d84848f46Now that there are three (almost four) teenagers in my house, thoughts of "what happens after high school" are often in my head. We want to provide our kids with every opportunity to experience God's best for their lives, so a four-year college education is a non-negotiable component of that, right? 


While college is the right choice for many kids, we cannot assume that it is a requirement for a young person to be in God's will. In fact, it's possible that the typical college experience might be counter-productive to a person growing in Godliness. Before you start sending me emails with "Heresy!" in the subject line, I'd like to invite you to read a short article written by Marvin Olasky of World Magazine.

It made me think carefully about my motives for sending my kids to college and offered some different possibilities to consider. Again, this is just food for thought. I'd welcome your comments.

Here's the link for the article. "College Bubble: Advice for many students and parents: explore non-college options."