How to Talk About Your Wife on Facebook

I was looking at an old friend's Facebook wall this morning and came across something that he had written on his wife's wall a few months back. I sometimes think I can write pretty well, but I wish I could come up with stuff like this...


After a difficult day, some guys come home to a "Russian Babushka" - which is sort of a chick that's sort of homely, dressed dumpy and, when you hit the door, right away begins beating you down with chores, lists and other nonsense. When i hit the door after a difficult day, it's like walking into a night club in Argentina and all the chicks are hot and the HOTTEST one walks over and says, "I think I'd like to spend the night with you" (except she says it in Argentinian and I don't speak Argentinian - but I get the point because...well it's a universal language).

How do you use Facebook to bless, praise, or compliment your spouse? One of the best ways to build up your husband or wife is to praise them publicly. Facebook is a great place to do that. I only wish I did it more often...and as awesomely as my friend did.

And yes...awesomely is a word. I know because I write good.