Fifteen Things Wives Should Stop Doing

There are a few authors/bloggers that I would really love to meet in person. I just want to look them in the eye, shake their hand and tell them "thank you" for being consistently good. Mary May Larmoyeux is one of them.

She regularly writes for FamilyLife and I think I have loved everything I have ever seen her put out there for public consumption. I, on the other hand, write lots of stuff...some good, some not so good. But she edits carefully and is therefore, consistently solid.

CoupleA few weeks ago, she wrote about a Fifteen Things that Wives Should Stop Doing. I suppose that these fifteen things made the list because they are behaviors that are common to many women. In my experience, this is true. I recognized them as the negative attitudes that grow into little habits that have the potential to blossom into marriage destroyers. No couple in marital crisis says that their marriage came unglued because the woman expected her husband to read her mind. But that unfulfilled expectation might very well be where the seeds of discontent got planted.

Ladies, take a minute to read the article. Evaluate yourself as you go. Even better, print it off and use it as a discussion guide with your husband. Allow him to give you feedback on if he ever sees these things in you and how it makes him feel.You can find it here: Fifteen Things Wives Should Stop Doing.

And I promise, the minute she (or someone else) writes an excellent list of the Fifteen Things That Husbands Should Stop Doing, you will see it here. In fact, wives, I officially give you permission to comment here (or on Facebook) with helpful suggestions. But be nice...