Parents are Cowards

This SuperBowl commercial was funny and well-made, but it demonstrates just how cowardly many parents are. We are afraid to tell our kids the truth about something that God made to be awesome.

Being honest with our kids doesn't mean we have to give every little bit of detail, but we do need to tell them the truth. Simple answers to simple questions are usually enough to satisfy a child's curiosity. That means you don't have to give complex details about ovulation and fertilization to a five year old. Keep it as simple as: "when mommies and daddies love one another in a special way, God sometimes puts a baby inside the mommy's tummy."

Giving our kids stories about storks or places like Babylandia just proves our cowardice.

I'm putting some more details about that kind of thing into a book I've been working on for the past year. Pray I can get it finished this Spring!

Barrett JohnsonComment