True Parenting Confessions


This is a post well-suited to the imperfect and normal parent in all of us...the parent who regularly feels like a failure while everyone else has it going on.

I came across a post on MSN that includes several common True Parenting Confessions. You'll probably recognize a few. The one about using "TV as a Babysitter" or the honest confession that you might occasionally miss your life before kids are jarringly honest. 

If anything the list should serve as an encouragement that you're not alone in your imperfections. We all have daily struggles with out kids. Each of the confessions includes a few insights from "experts" to help you to move in the right direction with your struggles.

One thing the (secular) article fails to mention is the simple reality that we can't parent effectively without spiritual help. Raising a little person into a functional adult it too great of a task. We desperately need the power of God to do in us what we cannot do on our  own. We would do well to daily confess our shortcomings to the One who loves us and promises to come alongside us as we aim for His very best in our families.

So what is your true parenting confession? What is God telling you to do about it?


Barrett JohnsonComment