Welcome to the New INFO for Families

After maintaining essentially the same look for I.N.F.O. for Families for the past four years, the time has finally come for an update. We're still working out a few bugs, but my hat goes off to my friend Andy Knight for helping this thing to look a whole lot better. We hope that the new and improved I.N.F.O. makes it easier for you to access the content you are looking for.

I thought I would provide an explanation of some of the changes you might notice. If you are currently reading this via email or in RSS, I encourage you to visit the blog directly. You should be pleasantly surprised...

New Look, Same Mission

While we may look a little bit different, our commitment remains the same. We live in a culture where it is easy to feel like everyone else has it together while your family is hanging on by a thread. We want to help Imperfect and Normal Families like yours and mine to be okay with the reality that none of us has a clue what we are doing. Our only hope is to keep our eyes focused on God and His truth for life. We will struggle, but He promises to struggle with us as we look to Him.

Easy to Subscribe

We want to make the resources you find here as easy to access as possible. That's why we encourage you to subscribe to I.N.F.O. Either via email or RSS, you can be updated on everything new that is posted here. If you have followed us for a while, you know that sometimes we post four or five times a week and sometimes we go weeks without posting anything new. We'll do our best to keep you resourced without overwhelming your inbox.


Better Ways to Share

At the bottom of every post, you'll find a "share" button that opens up a world of social media options. Many have shared posts on Facebook and Twitter, but we're formatting many I.N.F.O. posts for Pinterest, as well. If you see a post or a resource here that might be good for one of your Pinterest boards, please pass it on. (But let me just say at the front end here that I will not be posting any zesty low-fat guacamole recipes or directions for turning an old pallet into a lazy-boy recliner.)


Opportunities to Interact

There is an easy to use comment section that we invite you to use. In the old I.N.F.O. world, it seems that most people used Facebook to comment. We still welcome that, but we also invite you to make your voice heard directly on the blog. I would love to hear your perspectives and will do my best to regularly invite you into the discussion.


Easy Search Feature

You will find a search bar at the bottom of I.N.F.O. for Families that will enable you to easily location information on a variety of issues and topics from the past four years of content.


Same Commitment to Helping Imperfect and Normal Families like Ours

Again, our goal has always been to pull down the facade that we have things figured out and coach people towards discovering the very best that God has to offer us in our family lives. We'll continue to give an honest perspective and helpful direction to that end. I hope and pray that I.N.F.O. continues to provide that for you. Please help us to spread the word about the available help and resources that can be found here. Because we are ALL have imperfect and normal families.

Barrett JohnsonComment