The Strange Sensation of Agreeing Wholeheartedly With Russell Brand

For years, people of faith have been saying that p@rn is bad for you. With arguments rooted soundly in scripture (issues of lust, adultery, purity, and honor for your fellow man) p@rn distorts and counterfeits something God made to be beautiful. Most of us would agree that using it is selfish, harmful, and sinful.

What has been encouraging in recent days are all the people who are making the same argument from a purely secular perspective. Medical doctors, social scientists, relationship experts, and even Hollywood are chiming in with the same message: p@rn is bad for you.

The world is slowly waking up to the truth that God has been telling us all along: He made sex for our good. But anything that God makes good, the enemy of God will do all he can to mess it up in our world. I'm just happy that people who don't acknowledge God with their lives are waking up to a Truth that is rooted in Him. I think Augustine first declared that "all truth is God's truth."

All that to say this: I'm still freaked out by the fact that one person making the anti-p@rn argument is Russell Brand. His recent video is worth 6 minutes of your life. For further information, Fight the New Drug is an excellent site devoted to documenting the hazards of p@rn.

Give the video below a watch and then share it with others. When a guy whom many would classify as "worldly" starts sharing God's truth, we need to proclaim it from the rooftops!!

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