Hey, Dad! Your Teen Daughter Still Needs You

The relationship between father and daughter can be a beautiful thing. But it can also be a bit fragile. Once your little girl reaches adolescence, you face the harsh reality that your daughter is no longer “daddy’s little girl.”

While she used to crawl up onto your lap and hang on your every word, she now seems distant. While she used to think your jokes were hilarious, now they are an embarrassment.

During the teen years, a girl still needs her dad…perhaps more than ever. But you have to work extra hard to stay involved in her life.

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Do you know a dad who doesn’t struggle with staying connected to his teen daughter?

At I.N.F.O. for Families, we have been committed to helping “Imperfect & Normal Families” like yours for more than a decade. Like you, we are parents who want to give our kids tools that will help them navigate our rapidly changing world.

“Meet Me in the Middle (10 Conversations that Fathers and Daughters Need to Have)” is a new easy-to-read book we created to tee up critical conversations between teenage girls and their fathers. It’s actually two books in one: there’s a book for you and a book for your girl. It is the perfect solution for dads like you who want to keep pouring life and love and God’s perspective into their daughters, even during a season when your relationship can be a bit awkward.

If you’re like most dads, you probably don’t love to read. That’s why we made this book very dad-friendly. Both the dad book AND the girl book are are short, to-the-point, and include tons of quotes and insights from a bunch of sharp young women in their early twenties. They’re like the wise big sisters that you want your daughter to hear from. (They also give a dad like you the specific things you must do to connect with your daughter’s heart.)

We’re the experts on getting parents and teens comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics.

Our ground-breaking book, The Talks, has helped more than 25,000 parents equip their kids to develop a healthy view of sex and relationships. Our innovative resource for teen boys, The Young Man’s Guide to Awesomeness, has given thousands of guys the tools they need to make wise choices about porn, girls, and the direction of their lives.

Now, Meet Me in the Middle offers a God-focused perspective about 10 key issues that teen girls are facing. And it does it in a format that invites a girl’s father into the conversation.

Just ask any of the 10,000+ people who subscribe to our online content each month (or read our reviews on Amazon) and you’ll hear the same thing: I.N.F.O. for Families offers the practical tools families need to face the critical conversations of our day.


“You need to know what your kids are facing--and then get in there before they hit a problem and help prepare them. And that's what the Johnsons help you to do.” -Sheila Wray Gregoire, Bestselling author of “The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex”

Meet Me in the Middle is perhaps the most unique book you will ever own. Start on one side and it’s a book for girls aged 12-19. It addresses 10 important issues like friends, beauty, guys, sex, porn, identity, and a girl's relationship with God. 

If you flip the book over and start from the back side (half the book is upside-down), it’s a book for dads, covering the same topics from a different perspective. Ideally, father and daughter will read the book one chapter at a time, passing it back and forth to each other. Then, each chapter concludes with discussion questions and daddy-daughter date ideas designed to keep you talking. It might even get you praying together.

Finally, the two books literally “meet in the middle” where dad and daughter will find a commitment you can make to stay close, even through the challenging years of her adolescence (and dad’s crazy middle-age).

The retail price of the book is $14.99, which is already a terrific deal for the two-books-in-one. But during its initial release window, you can get “Meet Me in the Middle” at INFOforFamilies.com for just $7.99.

Authors Barrett and Jenifer Johnson are the founders of I.N.F.O. for Families. They have an “Imperfect & Normal Family” just like yours, with five kids aged 26 to 11. They have launched two daughters into adulthood and have one more to go. (Barrett looks forward to reading “Meet Me in the Middle” with their youngest daughter in a year or two.)

Barrett and Jenifer have been featured on FamilyLife Today, Relevant Magazine, Charisma.org, and have been coaching families about sexuality and cultural issues in their live “Critical Conversations” events for nearly a decade.

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Here’s what real life parents like you have said about Barrett and Jenifer’s book for parents, The Talks:

“(Barrett and Jenifer) are like the dear friends who are willing to walk the difficult roads with you and speak truth into your life whether you want to hear it or not.” -Kelly

“…wades into some areas that most parents feel helpless and hopeless in, and gives clear points of discussion.” -Thomas 

“Just what parents need! Wanting to open the way for meaningful conversations with your kids about sex, dating, etc. the way God intends it? This book is a must read.” - Shannon

Here’s what they have to say about INFO for Families’ book for teen guys, The Young Man’s Guide to Awesomeness:

“Reading it, my son said, "He really knows how to write!" What a compliment from a 17 year old guy!! Thank you for taking hard subjects and making them teen boy friendly. Don't buy this book--buy 10 and give one to every teen guy you know.” – Children’s Minister from Kentucky

“There are few books with such powerful content, and yet purely honest and entertaining. Loved the cool video feature hooked to the QR codes, too.” -Michelle

“What an incredible book. I have read it and will be discussing with my son in the near future. I have looked, but not yet found a counterpart book for young ladies.” -Jeff (WELL, JEFF…IT’S HERE NOW!!)

Awesome dads like you will read “Meet Me in the Middle” with their daughters, allowing this easy-to-read book to tee up all those conversations you have been wanting to have with her.

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If you want to get fully-equipped to help your kids navigate our hyper-sexualized culture (and many of the other challenges they are facing), grab one of our book combos and save yourself a ton of money in the process.

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Get both the brand new “Meet Me in the Middle” and our most popular book for parents, “The Talks,” for one low price.

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If you have both a teen daughter and a teen son, our three most popular books will help your family get a plan to navigate our hyper-sexualized culture.

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Stay connected to your daughter. Capture her heart and guard it like nobody’s business. Meet her in the middle. Find out more at INFOforFamilies.com.

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