Episode 008 - How To Minimize the Impact of Porn on Your Family - Part 2

In the second part of a two part series, Barrett Johnson examines the ways that porn is negatively affecting today’s families. He shares part two of the live talk he recently gave, focusing on what a family must do to stay on guard. (You need an action plan!) He also shares the “four streams of healing” for those who find themselves stuck in a pattern of addiction. The question of the week is one that he and Jenifer encounter often: “What if my spouse thinks porn is no big deal?”

Stuff We Mentioned on This Episode:

*HopeQuest - A Community of People Striving for Sexual Purity

*Brain Buddy - An app to help re-train your brain from porn addiction.

*Crave - Online Bible Study for men who want to walk in purity.

*Conquerors DVD - Video study that combines spiritual discipleship and brain science.

*The Young Man’s Guide to Awesomeness (for teen guys)

*Meet Me in the Middle (for teen girls and their dads)

*Circle Device (for filtering your WiFi at home)

*Covenant Eyes (online accountability)

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