Episode 011 - How to Survive When Bad Things Happen to Your Family

On this episode, Barrett and Jenifer welcome a very special guest….Jenifer’s younger sister Julie. They share openly and honestly about some incredibly difficult struggles their families have had to endure (and continue to endure). They offer hope of God’s activity and redemption in the midst of the pain, reminding us that God can use hard times to bring about good things in our lives and families. Along the way, they share a few embarrassing stories from childhood, discuss a troubling article about sex workers from Teen Vogue, and offer some great resources to help your family get through hard times.

Stuff Mentioned on This Episode:

*The troubling article ”Why Sex Work is Real Work” from Teen Vogue.

*When Your World Falls Apart by David Jeremiah.

*The One Year Bible (NLT)

*Hope When it Hurts by Wetherell and Watson

*The Great Marriage Getaway.

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